About Us

Capital City Aikido is a not-for-profit, traditional Aikido dojo that has been serving the Montgomery area for over 16 years.  Our dojo exists solely to provide sound instruction and sincere training for its members in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Our classes are free.

While rank is awarded as a product of consistent, dedicated training; it is not the primary focus.  Our members all wear white belts until they reach first degree black belt rank (shodan), which indicates a competency of basic techniques, and a readiness to begin a deeper study of Aikido principles.  Obtaining a black belt typically takes 5 or more years of serious study.

Aikido is a mentally and physically challenging martial art that is much more than just a collection of joint locks, throws, and pins.  The more important aspect of Aikido training is the development of personal character – integrity, humility, respect, confidence, self control – that comes as a result of continued, rigorous physical training.

Capital City Aikido is an affiliate of the Takemusu Aikido Association and Aikikai World Aikido Headquarters in Japan.