Did somebody say toast?

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I spend a lot of time thinking (my wife calls it obsessing) about small details.  The smaller and more seemingly insignificant the better, really.  This is true about all of the things I’m interested in, but it is particularly true of my interest in (or, as my wife calls it, obsession with) aikido.  I can spend hours (and often do) considering things that are so seemingly insignificant as to go completely un-noticed and un-considered by most of my aikido loving friends.  I could (and have…if I’m being honest) easily spend an afternoon exploring how the shape of my shoulders tends to shift subtly when saying “ah” as opposed to “ee,” and how that compares to “ahp” rather than “eep.”

Every once in a while this obsession with minutiae uncovers something genuinely interesting.  Occasionally it even leads to something useful.  Sometimes it even reveals things that are interesting to people other than me.  After a not-inconsiderable amount of cajoling by friends who have suggested that I write and share some of my less pedantic thoughts with the world, I’ve decided to start this blog so that these obsessive observations might be useful to someone else in the aikido community.

My hope is that the breadcrumbs here will help other aikidoka explore structure, balance taking, blending, or some other aspect of their aikido development in a new and interesting way.

As for the toast…you’ll just have to keep reading to find out what that’s all about.  I hope you will.  I look forward to sharing and learning together.